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This traditional face vice offers a large clamping capacity along with speed and simplicity of use, throughout my experience I have yet to find another vice that is more versatile. Features a beautiful hand turned wooden screw and suede lined jaw for unbeatable grip.

This traditional vice design is often remembered as being awkward to use due the need to place a pin in to the guide at its base to create a pivot point when exerting pressure against the work. I install a pair of steel brackets with rollers on to the front and back of the leg to ensure that when the vice is opened and closed the jaw remains parallel. Not only does this create an extremely smooth operation but I have found that during most applications the vice will grip tightly even without the use of the pin.

Workbench Leg Vice
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Long or wide work pieces can be clamped in the leg vice and supported along the front of the workbench using the sliding board jack.

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Richard Maguire Traditional Wooden Workbench Maker - UK.